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The first women’s boxing association

The International Women’s Boxing Association is one of the very first 501c3 Organizations founded in 1978 by
Dr. William Paul. 
 Dr. Paul is the first and only living African-American with a sport debuting in the Olympics (in London) in 2012 where the first federation for Women’s Boxing was debuted. 

the history of AAU Olympic Amateur women’s boxing

Bill Paul, Minnesotan and Georgian, President and Founder of IWBA says that was back in the 1970’s when the sport began to take off.  Ladies that liked boxing as a work-out wanted to compete.

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1979 Interview of William Paul with the sponsor
of the IWBA Governor Harold E. Stassen

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501c3 Letter of Determination (current)

wban continues to set the record straight on the history of women’s boxing


No one had heard of women’s boxing and it was not popular… and THEY SAID it would never happen…but…

The women wanted to compete. How hard could it be to get that going? Well, watch the video below….

what about the women’s breast protection?

Dr. Paul wrote up the rules and regulations for Women’s Boxing. In the rules, one thing he put in essence, as Health Science Major and in Public Health — he emphasized that women must have a Breast Protector. Since these women wanted to box, he knew they would be getting hit in the chest, he was concerned that the “hits” would cause trauma to the breast, possibly leading women to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

what is breast trauma?

Dr. Paul discovered that injuries to the breast could form into trauma which potentially could transform into breast cancer. This type of cancer has been seen in women and in men. All athletes can have higher susceptibility to a breast cancer diagnosis due to the constant injuries and hits to the chest. Please take the survey below.

can mEN AND MALE athletes get breast cancer?

Any individual who has an injury to the breast, whether male or female can be diagnosed with breast cancer. View our breast health education site and view the story of a male who overcame breast cancer.


Breast Health Initiative Day was held October 24, 2020 hosted by
Syleena Johnson and Dr. William Paul.

The purpose and mission of Breast Health Initiative Day is to help prevent and alleviate disability related to Breast Health, Breast Trauma and Breast Cancer.

We are committed and prepared to help lessen the
Breast Disease crisis currently on the rise within the United States